2022 trends and innovations in packaging

As 2021 ends, 2022 steps out of the line with it’s new visions, trends and promises. In packaging industry we can expect some revolutionary solutions as well as coming back to oldschool movement.

Here’s what comes in the upcoming months.



The desire for minimalistic solutions is much higher year after year. In the world where we are bombed with various shapes and colors, we search for something soothing, simple and outstanding with it’s explicit message. Moreover minimalistic, clean design appears to be more elegant and creates an impression that the product is good enough to speak for itself, not needing sophisticated packaging to draw our attention. Therefore transparent fonts, sharp edges, slightly visible colors and straight forms and shapes come along to underline what is absolutely relevant.



Safe for environment, refilled, reusable, recycled – all materials with these features are the highest demand. Caring of our planet and it’s resources is noble and on top, hence reducing the amount of plastic in packaging production is absolutely reasonable. Customers for seasons rely on companies with eco-friendly solutions and this definitely won’t change in the nearest future.





Another way to express unique features of the product as well as brand’s devotion to healthy environment is using raw materials. There’s a specific beauty in imperfection, natural structure and intentional defects. Organic materials create impression that the product’s design is the result of careful toughts and immense concern with the planet’s resources. What is more, raw materials can be also recycled, what is surely another advantage of this type of solutions.



As a business owner, have you ever thougt about touch as a powerful element in provoking emotions? That is one of the aspects determining the clients decisions in buying most of the goods. Imagine touching elegant, structured packaging of the cosmetic, feeling it’s supreme quality and smoothness. Usually it’s our subconscious playing the main role, we asure you howerver that if you try to compare the plain packaging with this providing sensory sensations, your confidence about product quality strongly increases. Therefore, it is worth considering uncommon materials and designs to build up your brand as exclusive and luxurious.




Simple geometric motives are one of the main trends in designing packaging for the coming year. Precise angles and straight lines can bring your product visibility and recognition to the next level. This type of design not only on the label, but also in the packaging, is the distinguish contrast to fanciful projects occupying market shelves, and definitely provides long-lasting impression.



It’s a peculiar tribute to our mothers, grandmothers and the history of designing. Implementing some oldschool elements to our product design can be crucial in reaching not only the 90’s, 80’s and earlier generations, but also to millenials who tend to stand in opposite to this insane rush granted by these days. Young people year after year more often need to be connected with their family history and experiences and they can afford this buying and using products reminding the past times. Materials, shapes, illustrations, script characters and colour patterns gives the utmost sense of age and ancestry.




What a pleasure for the eye is to look on the shelf and see a whole story the product expresses. The shape of each packaging fitting perfectly to another, the design compiled in the masterpiece. Treating the set of packagings as a canvas leads creativity to reach the sky and it definitely induces the interest in your brand increases. Aren’t the eyes the major tool playing role in choosing what do we need? Take it to consideration planning to rebrand your packaging this year.



Glass packaging is no news to the packaging industry, although improvement made over past years in production and possibilities is enormous. Despite the significant difference in the weight of glass packaging comparing to plastic or paper, the variety of dimensions and volumes are increasing constantly. Jars, bottles and vials in numerous shapes and colors availability expands, offering your clients sense of luxury and highest quality. The impression that heavy is more solid is irresistible.




The upcoming revolution of packaging in 2022 includes deriving inspiration from food packaging and transfering the solutions to beauty products packaging. The bottles intended to be drink packaging as a lip balm cover? Why not? It’s not only humouristic approach, but also innovative. This sort of packaging can also boost the apetite and we all know the hunger can also refer to cosmetics. Nowadays this trend is mostly popular on the Korean market, we’re expecting however it will reach Europe this year as well.


Summing up, the trends constantly evolve and it’s obligatory to follow if we want to be „just in time” with our ideas. It’s not a rocket science to understand, that meeting our clients needs is one of the major ways to become succesfull. Go ahead and make some changes to fit in 2022!