Baltic Beauty

A fair full of inspiration – we visited Baltic Beauty in Riga

In mid-October, we had the great pleasure to take part in the Baltic Beauty fair in Riga.

The capital of Latvia turned out to be a great place to exchange experiences and meet interesting people from the cosmetics and packaging industry, so we want to share our experiences.

The event took place in two halls, one dedicated to stands offering face and body cosmetics, while the other offered hair care products. The exhibitors were mainly distributors of cosmetic companies, most of them represented businesses from outside of Latvia. The international character of the fair surprised us in a positive way and gave us even broader look at today’s trends and problems of the industry.

During the fair, the Arexim representatives focused on talks with cosmetic producers, including one very interesting company from Poland – Rosofilo. In addition, in the maze of stands and the crowd of visitors, we luckily met our regular customer – the Kemmern company. As it turned out they promoted many cosmetics in containers purchased in our online store, including bottles of our own production.

In terms of packaging materials, it was noticeable that PET containers and glass packaging were in the lead. Among them, it was easy to spot trends in colors, size or their shape. The vast majority of packaging was characterized by quite a large capacity (especially Airless containers) and a classic cylindrical shape. The colors were also dominated by standards such as white, black, brown or green, but they were supplemented with intriguing pastel colors and metallized elements. There was also a significant amount of ecological packaging on the stands.

The visit in Riga gave us an excellent overview of the current situation in the industry and allowed us to notice the directions in which cosmetic companies are heading. We will certainly take this valuable lesson into the development of our company and we will try use this knowledge to better respond the needs of our Clients.

Watch the videos and photo gallery from the fair: