packaging workshop

„Ecology, quality and design”, a private packaging workshop ran by Arexim Packaging

This year we’re launching a new educational campaign for top cosmetic brands. This is a whole set of lectures and seminars meant raise the consciousness about packaging design, eco packaging and tube printing among cosmetic brands in Russia. Taking care of the planet is much more than just fashion – it’s a huge common goal, and we feel kind of obliged to contribute as much as we can, and help others find their way to green solutions and finest design discoveries.

Each workshop is set of seminars provided by specialists from CentrUpak and partners. Last time they were Bech Packaging and Witoplast telling about design and its role in creating new products, branding and BTL brand communication; about quality, innovations and printing techniques available; and, of course, ECO solutions, their efficiency and pitfalls that appear in the realities of the Russian market.

We believe, that information, knowledge is a great power. We own this power and it’s important to us to share that knowledge with our clients and move forward together. We are already past two test workshops with our key clients – and that’s just the beginning.