Giflor’s international distributors’ meeting

October 1st and 2nd were great days for caps segment in cosmetic packaging industry in the light of Giflor’s international distributors’ meeting. A huge event where Giflor presented their plans on innovation and new eco initiatives. A lot of accent went for new “green” projects meaning packaging materials, design and manufacturing process. The scale of work, idea and creativity Giflor gives out to save the planet makes a huge impression. Especially in the light rapidly growing demand for earth-friendly solutions that comes for our clients in Russia, which makes us even more proud to be Giflor’s exclusive distributor in that area.

Besides the fantastic presentation Giflor has brought to the meeting, we all had a chance to see those innovations firsthand at their factory. The scope of latest technology and machinery gathered to bring a new spiral to the world of sustainable development of the caps market left us sure – this is the team, whose work and engagement is going to make a difference to the industry of caps manufacturing and beyond.