InterCHARM 2019

InterCHARM 2019 cosmetic packaing trends

Intercharm Moscow, a place where number of news very closely approaches the number of visitors. It would take us a year to review all of them even if we were posting a review every day. So, we’ve filtered the most remarkable entities worth attention.

New of packaging

The food-like packaging trend can hardly be called a fresh one already, but still jars imitating yoghurt or other dessert containers keep on evoking huge excitement among cosmetic brands and consumers.
Other news that accepted with a lot of enthusiasm:
1. Stiff deodorant and eco-friendly lip balm containers.
2. New forms of PETG cosmetic containers.
3. Colored frosted glass packaging.
4. Disposable glass ampules and tamper-evident testers.
5. New kinds of PCR and bio-polymer packaging, with special credit to unconventional shapes.

Trends set by leading cosmetic brands:

We’re running plenty of research on design and content trends in cosmetic sphere around the world to make sure the solutions we offer to Russian brands meet the requirements of their fashion and lifestyle-engaged consumers. Among most prominent trends:
1. Never enough of glass – a with a thick accent towards pharmaceutical glass, brown and amber. Glass bottles can now be found even as shampoo containers.
2. Brown and black key for the choice of color palette.
3. Dessert-like packaging for cosmetic products.
4. «Single-use» trend meaning a huge wave of one-off cosmetics sold in ampules, vials, micro bottles and single-use tubes.
5.A shift towards vintage on the one hand, and bright, catchy, sometimes even neon colors – sometimes as a single part of the product’s packaging, sometimes as the main theme of appearance.
6. While square and cylindric shapes keep going with the flow, unconventional and uncanny shapes, like skewed-surface jars and bottles or hair care products served in bottles with thin long nozzle.