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New PCR caps for a 20 years bestseller

pcr packagingIt took quite a while even for the big brands in Russia to take the courage to launch their first eco packaging projects, and it will most likely take even longer for ECO to become the new mainstream philosophy among the others. Still, the more proud we get having Siberian Wellness, our long-standing client, as one of the pioneers making their first step towards new “green solutions”.
One of their best known and best-selling for years products, a multi-purpose healing balm, has recently went through a substantial rebranding switching it, among other transformations, to a more sustainable packaging. Step one was about turning from a colored HDPE to a neutrally-pharmaceutical brown PET as a matter of recyclability. Step two is actually the case we’re here for – the new 100% black PCR cap by GIFLOR which we represent in Russia.

Here is what the Brand representative, Mariya Abdulsatarova, says about the project:

1) What’s it all about
– We were searching for something thrifty at its best and as eco-friendly as possible. So we resigned the HDPE bottle we were using until now and switched to a PET option, which is easier to recycle and, beforehand, collect back from our clients, whether via public or our own drop-off stations. Also, we’re offering a 98% natural balm, so it was crucial, that the new packaging had enough durability to assure the claimed 18 moth shelf life is kept.

2) The product new packaging is designed for
– It’s natural healing balm called “Бальзам широкого спектра действия №1” (multi-purpose balm) based on silver-fur oil with quick heating and restoring action. It’s been on top of bestseller list for 20 years, so we were looking to not only refresh the design for more appealing look, but also get as close to presenting and eco-friendly solutions, as much as it’s possible in Russian reality today.

3) This time it’s a PCR – is that the limit or a bigger “green matter” is coming up?
– This time it wasn’t just the matter of delivering a re-styling and going full-green whatever it takes. Keeping the initial price for the end-user was on high priority, too. We have to stay within four let’s call it pillars when developing new initiatives – proven and easy-to-understand eco-friendliness of the packaging, plus capability to preserve the claimed shelf life, plus technological compatibility with our current production framework, and the price, which may only experience minor, maybe moderate change. All this isn’t too easy to achieve at the same time looking at the circumstances and the supply we in Russia can access.

4) What’s next?
– We do seek eco solutions, and we seek a lot. We’re, for example, estimating a possible framework aimed at collecting back plastic packaging waste and engaging our customers into this initiative, running our research on bio and recycled plastic. We are reducing cellulosic film wrapping and additional cardboard packing when possible, too. For now, the landmark plan to us is to set up and run our own centralized plastic waste collection facilities.