On the threshold of the upcoming RosUpack 2019

It is the time to clearly declare the strategy to make your export sales in Russia with Arexim Packaging earn the further growth. Taking into account the structure of demand, inquiries and feedback from our Russian clients, the mainstream and an assured win strategy is a total pro-ECO approach to the packaging we offer and suppliers we cooperate with.

This edition of RosUpack trade-show is the first time our stand gets a distinguished space fully dedicated to eco packaging. Eco is the new strategy that pushes sales forward – not only in Europe or Asia, but in Russia as well.  The rock-star samples of “green” packaging we are going to introduce and highlight are, among, others:

eco packaging

There are two ways we are following this trend. First is promoting recycled, compostable or any other way eco-friendly packaging on our website, in newsletters, POS and since now on our exhibition stand. Second is promoting our chosen partners who not only produce “green” packaging, but also do it in a “green” way by reducing CO2 emission, water, energy and raw materials consumption, etc.

Our main message today is that there is a great chance now to boost the demand for your products in Russia by preparing an eco offer we could further promote among our clients. By the experience of previous editions of RosUpack, a surge of new inquiries is predicted.