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cosmetic industryPilot edition of “Your cosmetic business” seminar for local cosmetic brands held by AREXIM Packaging.

To us, being a part of cosmetic business community has always meant some kind of internal responsibility for where the whole branch is moving. Delivering top quality packaging is just unconditional, but one day we realized there is more we can and have to do to help small but aspiring cosmetic brands make a difference. Most popular approaches like building up loyalty programs or discounts are all fine, but that felt more like giving people proverbial fish – that’s how we came up with something we think will bare real, lifetime fruit.

We believe, that’s it’s knowledge that lets small brands grow big in the long run. We’ve picked up local experts with proven experience in cosmetic industry to provide a homelike conference-seminar for smaller local cosmetic brand representatives. Our goal was to assure ads-free, helpful and inspiring dialogue between experts and brands to foster their efficiency in sales, marketing and general business management in today’s market.

Speakers dropped a bunch of straight-from-the-kitchen cases, lectures and theory updates from such fields as Social Media sales and marketing, legal cobwebs and exporting pitfalls, e-commerce and B2B.

The first edition ran on February 22, 2019. Next chapters coming soon.


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