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Stronger Together

Arexim Group delivers near 1.500.000 pcs of packaging to hand sanitizer manufacturers.

As hand sanitizers, antibacterial gels and liquids became a crucial part of stopping the virus spread, lots of cosmetic brands transformed their capacities to this kind of production. Many of them are even doing this in non-profit, minimal margin or sometimes charity mode, even despite some raw material suppliers sent prices up by 8-10 times.

At the same time the demand on packaging surged, too, and the market is going through a serios shortage of packaging supplies. In this situation, packaging manufactures and sellers can do no other way but show a helping hand and use all available resources to fill the supply chain.

By now, Arexim Group has delivered over 750.000 pieces of packaging and closures to hand sanitizer producers in Russia, and more than 700.000 – in Poland and EU. And the numbers keep going up every couple of days. It wasn’t for free, it was no charity – but with not a single per cent of extra cost for the client in our own favour.

That’s not all. It’s just as much crucial now to show the human face of the business. Keeping on operating (with all the necessary safety measures and home office where possible, of course) is what we can do and have to do. What we also have to keep in mind is loyalty. Some may assume the crisis as a chance to drain extra profit from the market, unreasonably raise prices or margins, implying 100% upfront fees an so on. To us, this kind of policy in unacceptable. The virus, quarantine and following crisis are just a phase. Once life resumes its normal course, there will be those who cared and those who drained cash. And it is always our creed to only partner those who care.