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The secret of happy employees

Arexim Packaging

It has been over 5 months since the AREXIM PACKAGING team implemented shorter working hours. Inspired by the trend of shortening the working day in the most progressive companies in the world (Toyota, Bosch, Daimler and others), we have also introduced this change as the first trading company in Poland.

Why did we make such a decision and how did it affect the functioning of the company?

By introducing a shorter working day, we were thinking of the good of our employees and the increase of their work efficiency. Shorter working hours allow our team members to have longer rest and personal development after work.

Language courses, sport, extra time spent with family or just a moment for yourself and hobby – all of this enriches us, builds self-esteem and positively influences creativity. These are the reasons why we offered our employees new working hours. We believe that they will be more focused, inventive, better organized and courageous in demonstrating their own initiative. All this results in overall quality of work and the satisfaction of our customers.

What does the system look like?

For over 5 months our relaxed and full of energy employees come to work at 8 a.m. and can leave it at 2 p.m. This is especially beneficial if someone has e.g. visit to a doctor. Each of us is aware that we can leave office at 2 p.m. without any explanations or taking a leave. This does not mean that when it’s 2 p.m. we turn off the computers and close the office. Anyone who has not managed to perform their duties can stay at work and finish it.  Actually many of us use this opportunity. We are constantly testing this work model and try to improve it. If we notice that it works against the company and our clients, we will return to an 8-hour working day.

Has shortening the working time affected its effectiveness?

We have introduced a 6-hour work mode as a test project that will continue as long as the company maintains high results. This is confirmed by the accounting results – growing sales, new customers. Despite shortening the working day by two hours, AREXIM specialists work intensively. They constantly expand the assortment, visit Polish and global trade fairs, launch new communication channels with clients, develop educational projects for the industry. In 2019, with the introduction of 6 hours of work, we started the production of our packaging models, launched a new brand, organized two training conferences for our clients and a plebiscite among cosmetics companies.

Who stands behind this success?

First of all, these are our employees. It is their enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism that build results, drive sales. We appreciate their contribution to the company’s development. That’s why we offer them a number of benefits starting with a shorter working day. However, nothing would happen without the participation of our CEO, who was behind the idea of implementing a new working mode. Trusting in our skills, he introduced a unique change to the company, knowing that it would not endanger its comprehensive development. He supervises every new project himself.

Additional two hours a day for private life.

After summing them up, it’s almost four additional weeks of free time during the year. Just as companies create added value to convince customers to stay with their brand and buy more products or services, they should also take such methods for employees and make their life better. At work they will be more productive and more involved, instead of procrastinating, making mistakes and burning out. 6-hour work mode is difficult to implement (physically and financially) when it comes to production, but for example in marketing, sales or purchasing departments, it is the best you can do – for people and for the company.