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Two small cases that fruited great changes

plastic tubes“You’re the only ones offering well-deserved multilayer tubes in the whole market” – said our client, Repharm, when signing the agreement for future contracts.

Elaborate visuals and complicated, sophisticated formulas – these are the key features of Repharm’s product series. Repharm, one of Russia’s largest cosmeceutical brands, used to get tubes from domestic manufacturers, and is still purchasing some cheaper ones from Ukraine. High-efficiency curative cosmetics by Repharm required, however, another approach to packaging. The pilot project (picture related), became the first step to the great shift. Hot pepper extract, camphor, hexapeptides – a thought of EVOH multilayer tubes came naturally. The case also required some fixing in the tube’s design project – the original one had label structure instead of tube printing. All the fixes were made by our designer and project manager, so that the product obtained not only new quality packaging, but a new look, that saved the initial elaborate concept, as well. Today, most of Repharm’s tube-packed products come in EVOH protected multilayer tubes by Witoplast.

The other EVOH case occurred with Siberian Wellness (ex Siberian Health). Persistent fragrance of all the Siberian herbs that scented each of SW’s stores, signalized, that a huge part of valuable oils were waning away through the packaging and wasting. It was our own initiative to offer Siberian Wellness to change their packaging to PP dispensers for premium products and EVOH multilayer tubes for the mass and masstige ones. It took a couple of years to make all the dozens of SW’s products come in multilayer tubes, but now one breath inside Siberian Wellness store is enough to tell, that every single particle of precious ingredients is safely locked inside the packaging.

product wellnessAnother remarkable project with Siberian Wellness was born from a simple, down-to land concept – a search for moderately-priced, remarkably looking jars for middle-class body scrub. Polipack’s new 2b jar came out just a in time and had no comparable analogues in the meaning of moderate price with remarkable appearance and quality. Minimalistic black&white design with a refined hot-stamped silver Siberian Wellness logo on the lid did its part, too. As a result – austere and magnificent loo for SW’s cedar and apple body scrub, and another reason for Polipack (and ourselves) to be proud of their products.