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We make Russian companies desire your products

packaging supplierYou make high quality packaging – we make Russian companies desire your products.

A 140mln people market of Russia seems to be a luring peace of export cake. However, its different culture, language, law, customs, market and governmental requirements demand a huge amount of resources, knowledge and experience to get it tamed. AREXIM Packaging is exactly the resource you can leverage to extend your business to exporting to Russia and boost your sales in that area.

It’s been quite a long time since the days when the role of a distributor used to be restricted to intermediating purchasing and delivery processes. While export, sales and marketing within the EU goes quite smoothly for most of packaging manufacturers, when it comes to selling beyond its borders, to the markets of Russia and CIS, the situation changes dramatically.

With more than 20 years of experience in delivering foreign-made packaging to Russian cosmetic, pharmaceutical and household chemistry, we work as your outsourced:

  • With us, you don’t have to keep a sales representative in Russia, for we are dealing with all the formalities, customs and logistics.
  • marketing and PR. Newsletters, articles, on-line advertising, tradeshows – that’s just part of the list. For our partners we create digital and printed brochures and catalogues, highlight their products on our website and dedicate branded shelves on our stands during tradeshows.
  • strategical partner in charge. Being a distributor nowadays means creating extra value for all the players in the market – for the suppliers, our clients and (invisibly) their customers. We are extremely stringent when choosing among packaging manufacturers to work with, and demand best standards and adequate flexibility. In return, we care about the level of sales and decent image of our partners among Russia cosmetic and pharma manufacturers.

We are your best business practice – placed in Russia.


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