Case study – premium brand Ilona Lunden

Back in 2011 a young Russian lady, disappointed by what the beauty and skin care market had to offer, set up a tiny cosmetic line. The story started with a website selling one single skin&hair nurturing elixir sold in a very simple bottle a new-to-the market indie brand could get.  

A couple years later, Ilona Lunden became one of the most acknowledged and rewarded independent luxury personal care brands in entire Russia and CIS. By now the brand’s range counts close to a hundred genuine care products for women, men, kids and even household, getting each new product sold out the very day it’s released.  

Even though we are in long-lasting partnership with most of the biggest cosmetic brands known far beyond Russia, Ilona Lunden is one we’re most proud of working with. We were there at the very start supplying a new-to the market, not much experienced but ambitious, creative, and hard-working entrepreneur. After a modest start with a simple bottle, of best possible quality, but barely sophisticated, we’ve walked all the way through years to the point where a custom premium jar for one of the most anticipated in the marked cream came out like a manifesto of what consistent work, honesty before the customers and sustainable partnership together can achieve.