Beauty brands around the world against Covid

cosmetic industry against covid

Online above offline 

Neither lockdown, nor the so-called pandemic should keep from taking care of one’s appearance, as we all are already used to the concept, that beauty equals health. And this concept works in both directions. Thats why even before the quarantine offline stores started their own campaigns to convince people order things online instead of stationary stores with all those samples and testers that literally germs’ honeypots. Ansaligy, for example, has been offering a storewide 15% discount for all on-line orders. Other brands caught up quickly and joined this movement by offering extra discounts or sometimes adding protective masks and gloves to each parcel sent, like Curaprox did.  

Transform against virus 

According to Adobe Analyticss research, the demand for hand sanitizers blew up by 1400% on average, which immediately caused a severe deficit in the market. Wellbeauty brands never thought of standing aside and swiftly transformed (some partly, others totally) their capacities for antibacterial liquids manufacturing. Many of them also chose a policy to keep the sanitizers affordable or provide those most vulnerable with bacterial protection free of charge. LMVH in France, Faberlic and Mixit in Russia, Kypwell supporting old folks homes in Cyprus, and tens of brands all around the world contributed, even though often profitless for themselves. 

Brands against money devaluation 

A number of countries, especially beyond EU, a suffering from not only the virus threat alone, but from even more severe financial meltdown. Russia and other CIS were affected the mostand brands here initiated a campaign on constraining price growth that usually follows currency demise and keep forming their prices on the pre-crisis level even despite all the imported ingredients got significantly more expensive.  

AntiCOVID charity 

As soon as the COVID outbreak in China started to die away, China initiated a vast initiative in order to aid other countries that face the toughest challenge of coronavirus, and side by side with Germany delivered medical other necessary supplies to Italy. Hundreds of cosmetic brands and beauty corporations acted alike. Bvlgary handing a 3D microscope to Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rome, Foreo supplying Hubei’s hospitals with 2500 personal protective equipment are just a couple of the huge number of supportive initiatives we’ve seen through the last months.