It’s all about bubbles

Where and how the foamy trend is moving?

For more than a century the only foamy skin care ritual we knew was shaving with its cream, swabs and saucers. For women, all the foam fun available was after-dinner kitchen rituals at best with all that soap, soda and dishes. It took these things a while to change.

Foam pumps

World’s firs shaving foam aerosol can was sold in the 40th, and first hair mousse came into general use around 2000th. Today instead, it seems even weird, that the “foamy” segment of beauty and care products matured so late.

Actually, any cleansing product in active phase is nothing but a foam. Still, it took cosmetic brands a couple of attempts to finally grass root foamy treats into mass market. New design of packaging, of course, came into the picture in this case.

Making froth out of a face wash or rubbing it on the skin until it’s covered with bubbles feels like an unforgivable waste of time in this day and age. Another huge waste is about blobs of gel that wouldn’t foam, but just drown in the sink. At some point even a special foaming device invented in Japan was in wide use. Thankfully, since foaming pumps and bottles appeared, we now have the freedom to extract  those tiny fun clouds with a single push.

Another reason to appreciate foaming cosmetics, is that there’s no more need to rub. Rubbing face skin is no good idea in regard to possible irritation, so bubbles doing all the job instead of fingers make sensitive skin feel like Christmas. Above that, foaming packaging brought the relief from large amounts of foaming agents contributing to skin irritation. Besides, foam is an ultimate unisex format – gentle cleansing for women, and perfect consistency for men to wash away from beard without soap spots and clotted hair at the same time.  

The whole span of application for foaming constructions is still to be discovered. First generations of foam-like skin care appeared with the concept of making the product equally spread over skin. Plus, thrifty dosing. This way we got face wash foams, then Panthenol in foam-mode, cleansing and moisturizing body foams – besides tons of various hair care and styling formulas mousses.

For ordinary customer, the most unexpected novelty came with mouth-care foams. Splat, Ecodenta, Regenerate are now conquering the entire market. What’s more, mouth care foams seem to be the first handy and portable alternative to chewing gums, which additionally feels like something close to remedial preparation. Nor should we wonder if these foams overflow every smallest stall and product stands next to cash registers in every single store.