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RosUpack 2019 – what Russia thinks of world-wide and European trends?

No need to describe what the #1 packaging tradeshow in Russia looked like – you can see on the video.

Still, there are things to consider that that cannot fit a video or photo report. Our managers ran over 200 meetings during the RosUpack2019 show days. We’ve already processed most of project notes, so now it’s time to draw the line.

So, does Russian cosmetic business want the same as European?

Well, yes – up to a point. In 2019 there are two key lines of thinking Russia cosmetic brands hold by.

Problem 1 – stand out

This one has been the same for the last 10 years – finding something that stands out. That’s actually normal for clients coming to distributors: manufacturers are cheaper, but limited. However, even this seemingly casual problem has changed.

Ten and five years ago everyone wanted something outrageously creative, innovative and so on. Today, with a market oversaturated with innovations and creativity standing out became even more challenging. The question us, distributors, together with manufacturers, have answer no is how to stand out when everyone stands out. Luckily, finding some extraordinary packaging within the marked of Russia is still a complicated thing.

So, if there is something new in your product portfolio that can make a difference as for outlook, feel, shape or user experience – let us know, send us your POS and samples: most likely, we already have inquiries for something like that.

Problem 2 – ECO

Russian cosmetic and cosmetic packaging market is yet making its first steps towards eco-being, making its first tries to find the way through all the terms of bio-based, recycled, other “green” materials and planet-friendly manufacturing. This not only scopes the cosmetic brands directly, but local packaging suppliers, too.

AREXIM Packaging (performing in Russia as CentrUpak) was the first exhibitor to present a full-scope “green” packaging show-case (bio, recycled and other way sustainable packaging by Giflor, RPC, Polipack, Witoplast, etc.) at RosUpack this year. The trend for ECO won’t conquer Russia’s market as fast as it did with Europe – European packaging in Russia is expensive itself, and “green” European packaging comes even more expensive. Still, local cosmetic brands start to feel the need to provide their consumers eco-friendly solutions, so requests for eco packaging are no longer accidental, which already means a huge leap to “green” future for Russian cosmetic industry.

This year we were almost the only ones to prepare a sufficient scope of Earth-friendly packaging solutions. Next year the tension will grow. Russian cosmetic brands do want to go green, and realize it will cost a bit more, so in a year or two the demand for green packaging will blow. Now we, Arexim Packaging and packaging manufacturing in partnership, have a chance to build a groundwork for future sales in eco packaging.

If you have new or pending “green” packaging solutions to offer – let us know. We are growing a new ECO packaging image in Russia, and your products may become a part of it.



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