Cosmoprof 2024 trends

Cosmoprof is obviously something one should see with own eyes – however, a brief overview won’t hurt.

Though particular brands consistently bring something peculiar to the show, the industry in general is maintaining covetable stability in the meaning of trend morphism. The first impression from Cosmoprof: lots of glass, plenty of ECO solutions, a lot of praise for matt surfaces.
Glass: cylindric shapes now on top of all trends, a lot of them with matt coating. Apart from clear glass, a lot of attention is ex predictably paid to brown, black and pastel tints.
ECO: the trend for refillable solutions keeps going on and up with lots of new ideas on replaceable inserts, inner jars and so on. As for ECO materials, PCR and biodegradable solutions remain above everything else. Noteworthy, the ocean plastic trend is gaining steam like cray.
Shapes: top-tier shapes nowadays are cylindric with by streamlined, svelte silhouettes as main competitors. Square containers, as well as closures, are also getting plenty of acknowledgement.
Matt: matt colors, tints, varnish and other coatings can be deservingly said to be the king of trends this year, as we see incalculable examples of it dressing up glass containers, PET packaging and even closures.

Basically, the list of key Cosmoprof 2024 trends includes:
1. Cylindric shapes
2. Pastel and vibrant colors
3. Streamlined silhouettes
4. Innovative solutions
5. Matt surfacing
6. Replaceable inserts
7. ECO materials
8. Ocean plastics
9. Black and colored glass
10. Flat oval shapes
11. Brownish tints
12. Slanted shoulders
13. Square shapes
14. Massage tip tubes
15. Dosing tip tubes