coronavirus prevention

Safety is now the common cause – do all we can contend the virus threat

In current situation of coronavirus threat, we’re binding all the possible effort to protecting our employees and customers. Due to current epidemiological restrictions we have temporarily switched our employees to home office.

Yet, part of the warehouse and quality control staff have to come to work every day – nonetheless, every possible measure of safety is in action at the work places. We allow a limited amount of people in one space at one time, keeping appropriate distance between each other. Every employee is supplied with necessary sanitizing liquids, protective masks and gloves. Safety is now the common cause.

This is our fair share of contribution to the measures against virus spread. Partial working from home has been in use in our company for several years already, which makes it sure the functioning of our offices won’t be affected. We’re working hard just like always, assuring diligent client service and deliveries, as well as providing the best of our cooperation with the suppliers. Naturally, our packaging industry is playing a huge role in providing the society with supplies necessary for hazard prevention. This is especially noticeable for the companies producing cosmetic packaging and closures, and particularly containers for soap and sanitizing liquids. The sales and demand on those product categories have surged, and we, along with our partners in China and Europe, are doing all we can – and trying to do even more – to provide the market with all the necessary packaging in order to keep antibacterial supplies available for people.

coronavirus prevention